How are the Items Recycled?

recycle symbolProducts are recycled in order to recover reusable materials and prevent hazardous materials from entering landfills. The products which contain these recoverable and desirable materials are dropped off at Dundee Electronic Recycling by businesses and individuals, who are paid for the unprocessed product such as old computers. Dundee Electronic Recycling then sorts and sells these unprocessed products to Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) processors who break down the products into raw materials and precious metals.

Highly desirable, recoverable precious metals in electronics include aluminum, copper, gold and silver. Other reusable materials include glass, plastics and ferrous metals. From an environmental standpoint, the most important aspect of e-waste processing is the proper handling and collection of hazardous and toxic materials such as chromium, lead, cadmium, mercury and beryllium which can leach back into our ecosystem.




* NOTICE: By selling any electronic devices, you agree that Dundee Electronic Recycling and Dundee Copper Inc will not be responsible for data left on any device. It is soley the seller's responsibility to destroy data on hard drives, flash memory, storage devices of any sort, etc. prior to selling.


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